We Sneaked Gabby In!

evan-gabby-baby-pics-32The Pictures…

University Hospital has STRICT Rules concerning the Swine Flu and children under 12 entering the hospital to visit. As you can see by the stop sign photo, THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED.  This was devistating news for us.  Gabby has been so excited to be a part of her little brother’s 1st birthday so when we found out she wouldn’t be able to see him in the hospital it simply sucked.

After being there for a day or so we heard the pitter-patter of little feet in the hallway outside Amber’s room.  Curious, the twins headed out to see the culprit.  A LITTLE BOY.  I absolutely hate the phrase, “It’s Not Fair” , but folks… this was not fair.  We did what any person should do when they hear themselves say that phrase. Get Up and Make Something Happen.

We quickly turned into the guys from Ocean’s Eleven devising a caper that would end all capers.  The Swine Flu Caper.

When April arrived later with Gabby in tow, she brilliantly marched her to the elevator, stepped inside, and pushed “3” for Labor and Delivery.  I was waiting at he elevator on floor 3, the floor with Amber’s room, to assist with any “interference” that might arise from well-to-do patients or nursing staff.  Too bad I was at the wrong elevator.

Yep, April opened the elevator door in front of the nurses station.  Instinctively, she grabbed her cell phone.  You might say it is the only instinct she has that comes before shopping and you may be right, but it worked.  She called me and met me at the elevator I was waiting at and we scurried down the hall to Amber’s room.

The pictures tell the story of how happy Gabby was to see her little brother for the first time.
Just so you know, Gabby, Amber, and Evan have all been vaccinated with the H1N1 Vaccine and were showing no symptoms at the time Gabby entered the hospital.  Therefore Gabby was never a threat to anyone nor was she in danger.