Spearhead 1 | Cadré Bogey


Things I Learned Today

  1. Only have in your ruck what you will need. 
  2. Time hacks are made for failure; humans learn from failure 
  3. Seal claps are a thing
  4. Partner drags are about your partners not just your partner and you
  5. Movements are difficult without some standard rules. 
  6. Something is twisted in Bogey (in the best way possible, Cadré)

In the words of the Snowman, “We have a long way to go and a short time to get there.”

In 2 short hours we performed over 250 seal claps, 250 over head claps, 250 overhead ruck presses, completed a PT test for push-ups (78) and sit-ups (54), worked as a team to carry super heavy stuff, over 100 squats.  We were smoked. 

We started well as a team and ended well as a team, but we looked like a gypsy camp in the middle. All over the place and nothing seems right. 

I’m grateful God is allowing me to be healthy enough to experience this.  I do feel we will get better the more we work together.  

For now, I’m thinking about how to strengthen my shoulders. Actually wondering if can use them again!