Take it to the Bank

takeittothebankA little over a year ago now a good family friend made a suggestion about working for Wachovia, made a phone call and got me a telephone interview. I won the interview and got a follow-up interview for a panel interview. I got the job offer by the end of the day. Which got me thinking. Maybe I should keep looking. I did and got two subsequent offers elsewhere. In short, I took the Wachovia position, resigned from my old company, and moved home.
Since then I have been fortunate to make good friends at Wachovia and I have learned a lot about business relationships. Much more than I was getting at my old company.
Meanwhile, my old company is at the heart of “credit crunch” and a highly impacted industry is taking blows from all sides. They aren’t doing so well and I don’t feel the least bit guilty for them because I haven’t wished anything bad on them.
Likewise, my experience working at Wachovia so far has been a fantastic experience. It has been a place where I can showcase my people skills which is where my true talents are. What a difference a year can make. And you can take that to the bank. I did.

Traveling Home

Traveling home from Pop’s house in Jacksonville this weekend. Gabby is nice and comfy in her new booster seat. I know it sounds weird, but I have always had mental picture of this. I’ve been missing my Pop a lot these days. Hopefully he’ll be able to visit before Christmas as well as during Christmas. Gabby seems to be warming up to her Pop. It’s always fun to watch her entertain her Grandparents.

Speaking of Grandparents. It was good to see Grandma Alice and Grandpa Manuel too.

Copy Cat

flat-dora-gabbyAs Gabby begins to talk more and more, she also copies EVERYTHING!
We really have to be careful. The other day, I got mad at one of the dogs and yes, she got mad too. Good thing I didn’t spew curse words like I would normally do. Call it divine intervention if you want. I just asked Chase what he was doing. When he didn’t answer me, Gabby decided to give it a try. He didn’t listen to either of us, but that didn’t stop the Gabster from telling him to stop anyway.
She copies me, Amber, April…literally anyone that can be copied. Her dolls don’t even go uncopied either. As you can see, Gabby copied “Flat Dora” and “Princess Dora” as they lay lifeless on the kitchen floor.
I just hope she doesn’t try to copy the dogs when the go to the bathroom.
That would give a new meaning to potty training.