A Great New Friend

20111223-074924.jpgPickles (Pee kels) A Great New Friend
For a dog that we found as a stray, she is turning out to be a great friend. I know that somehow, Chase and Butler sent her to our family. The boys knew how much we loved them and I think that’s why she’s here.

Whether you call her Pickles, Ahh, Dog, or Peekles, she comes running. She loves attention and walks. She meets me at the door after a long day at work. She’s an amazing little friend.

How to Destroy Your Property Value

“HOW TO DESTROY YOUR PROPERTY VALUE WITH TRASH” You hear that and think it sounds terrible, I know. I can’t help it though. I hate litterbugs.

I was raised to NOT litter. I guess it’s just hard for me to believe that other people weren’t.

Every morning Pickles, our new family dog, go for a short 1-2 mile walk. I carry a Wal-Mart plastic bag with us to take care of, heh-hem, you know… Pickles Business. Now I have to carry an extra one too. Not because Pickles got into the Tamales at dinner the night before, but because the residents in my neighborhood throw trash in the street and yards!

I don’t mean a little trash that blows out of the cans at pickup on Wednesdays. I mean kids at bus stops dropping Ramen Noodle cups??? and others throwing entire McDonalds bags of trash out their car windows! It really is terrible.

Even dogs don’t poop where they eat and sleep. Come on neighbors, bring some honor to our neighborhood and put your trash in a trash can.
Check out this little short video illustrating the amount of trash I pick up in one day.