Build A Bear

Gabby LOVES her Build-A-Bears. Most people know (and that means you unless you live under a rock) that Build-A-Bears are THE way to go with a stuffed animal.

Gabby uses her “own money” to by clothes for them. Each has a name, a special person they are connected with (usually the person that took her to get it), and a special place in Gabby’s heart.

Build-A-Bear may seem pricey at first, but ask yourself this.

When’s the last time I paid for something for myself for the “experience” of it.

It’s more than a Bear…It is worth it.

It’s Definitely Not Home

You may be wondering what you are looking at. It’s more like where. Today I arrived at Lander University’s Centienial Hall just as it began to rain. For the next week, I’ll be attending South Carolina’s School of Banking. The program is a 3 year program that I’ll tell you more about later. Basically, I’m living in a box for a week. Graduating from college in my home town, I never had the “opportunity” to live in a dorm. Well, there’s always a 1st time for everything. Ryan McKinney
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