Week 1 Recap | HTL Training

This weeks training consisted of the following:

  • 5 mile run
  • #F3Bonesaw = 1
  • 3.5 mi run = 1
  • 45 min cinder block = 1
  • 2 mile solo ruck = 1
  • 2 mile ruck = 1
  • #f3madsci =1
  • 5 mi Fireball ruck = 1
  • Christmas convergence = 1

Realizing that we will train together more often and get closer as a team, I am still struggling with how “untogether” we are.  A lot of work to do.


Pea Soup & The 12 Days of Christmas | HTL Training Day 3


The fog was as thick as pea soup when I left the house this morning.  Two pairs of shoes today. The brand new Rocky C4T boots that the Amazon Fairy dropped off last night and my HOKA One Ones.  Breaking in a new pair of boots is never fun.  Today was no exception.  Now I have the blisters to prove it.  I’ll do a product review once the boots have a few breaking in miles on them.

The PAX was not concerned about formation today during the RUCK.  It was only a couple of miles, but I can’t help but think of the day when we actually have a Cadre telling us what to do.  No need to take it too seriously yet, but it will matter.

After the RUCK we completed the 12 Days of Christmas with FreePass as our Q.  39 PAX for the WOD.  My body is healing up from my hamstring/hip injury.  I feel good when I’m out there and I found myself in the front of the group a good bit.  I even had the opportunity to peal off and grabbed the 6 a few times.  

I’m not sure if my healing has something to do with having purpose or what.  I’m still sore in my hip, but knowing I’m training for something (something really big and stupid) gives me the extra energy.  It’s weird. 

Tomorrow’s a rest day for me. I will probably need to get out and run at some point anyways.  It’s the holidays and sitting around has never been a favorite.  Maybe I’ll start that boot review. 

Make Up Quiz | HTL Training Day 2

Blender was this morning.  I didn’t go. I didn’t get to bed until late and needed the rest.  I finished my year of work yesterday and it’s been a long, tough one.  I smartsacked.  As I lay there falling back to sleep a planned my training for the day. 

When I got up, I decided I needed a little extra make-up work for not joining my fellas in the gloom. 


  • Run 3 miles
  • 45 minutes of RUCK PT
  • RUCK 2 miles

RUCK PT (all completed with 30# RUCK)

  • 80 curls
  • 100 squats
  • 80 skull crushers
  • 100 merkins
  • 80 dips
  • 25 double cinder-block clean-n-jerks
  • 25 double cinder-block overhead press 

5 rounds:

  • Bearcrawl up hill
  • Burpee
  • Crab walk down 
  • 2 squats