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#run #runevenwhenitsFREEZING
Today was one of those mornings that you pull the covers back over your head and snuggle into your warm dreams. So why did I choke down two cups of black coffee, suit up complete with gloves,and run until my toes were numb? Because I can.

God has, for now, granted me the ability AND the desire to run. I know it was 25 degrees. No I’m not crazy. I actually hate being cold. Especially while running. But I haven’t been in a few days and I was beginning to feel glued to the floor.

Tip: No Chapped Skin
I have extremely sensitive skin. Especially, on my face. The slightest chapping and my face will break out like I was thirteen years old. Covering my face with a mask doesn’t help.

You know what does help though? I cover my face with a thin layer of antibiotic ointment. Sounds gross but it works like Vasceline would just not as shiny looking. And that’s always helpful of you are in an area like mine where running into others is inevitable.

3 Reasons to Pass on Fitbit But Glad I Didn’t

IMG_1561-0.JPGWhen you lose 40 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle, people ask how. They see my Fitbit Flex
and they assume this little wristband is magic.

Nope. No magic. Wearing this wristband will not make you skinny. It won’t make you run. It cannot drop your waist size by eight inches (or even one). There is absolutely NO MAGIC in the wristband.

It actually takes desire. Desire to live better, feel better, and look better. That is what drove me to healthy choices. Words like “restraint” and phrases like, “My weakness, His Power; His Joy my strength”. That’s what pushed me to losing fat and gaining muscle.

I began eating right and exercising in May. I didn’t even get my Fitbit Flex until August. I had lost 18 lbs by then. Even though my Fitbit Flex isn’t magic, it is a FANTASTIC TOOL for weight loss. I couldn’t have gotten healthy and STAYED healthy without it. It comes down to two words. Calorie managment.

Calorie Management
I’m an inventory planner by trade. That’s why it hit me the way it did one day. To be lean, I have to manage input and output.

We’ve all gotten on a treadmill. We get burned out by the pain in our legs, but delighted by the “Calories Burned” stacking up. We have also all heard that keeping a food diary complete with calories is a great way to lose weight (and it IS).

The problem? It’s too freaking hard. I’m going to be honest with you about something… I don’t keep a check register. I don’t because it’s too time consuming for the payoff I get. Until an app for my phone came along for me to keep track I didn’t keep one at all. My wife would tell you I still don’t keep one. (Sheesh!)

The point is that my Fitbit Flex makes it easy to calculate calories burned and calories eaten. That’s what has made it the key tool contributor to my weight loss.

1.) Searchable food data base
2.) Add custom foods when a food is not found
3.) Automatic calorie output tracking
4.) Less than $100 bucks
5.) Adaptable user-friendly iPhone interface (I’m sure there’s an andriod too)
6.) Calorie budget – The app calculates what I’ve burned and eaten and let’s me know how many calories I have left.

1.) The charging dongle is delicate. After 2 months it takes finesse now for it to charge.
2.) Sometimes the food data base times out. Usually remedied by closing the app and restarting it
3.) The Fitbit app is not easily integrated with Not a problem for those that use something else to track run stats… but for me it bugs me.

Would I still buy one?
Yes. The calorie management works great for me and it is hard to argue with 40 lbs of fat loss and 10 lbs of muscle gain.

What’s your favorite tracker?

Run Along | Day 2 #run #runthis #runalong

#run #runthis #runalongSo it’s Day 2 and I’m already tinkering with the name for these posts. Turns out there are a lot of runners out there. 69 million American runners to be precise. By the results of my search on #runthis, they all have blogs too.

Even the Greenway near my church, Lake Forest, was soggy today. It has rained in Huntersville for a few days. Not fun for runners. I enjoyed it though. I caught a few other folks braving the nasty for a quick skip too. Better than cabin fever and feeling the lazybones set in.

I love running the same route and seeing something new. I’ve been down this trails time or two including my first race. The new thing is the memory that popped in my mind.

Just a week ago I took the kids here to ride their scooters. Evan had gotten a new scooter from his Grammy and wanted to try it out. Grammy is what the kids call my mom.

We came to the bridge you see in the pic and the kids flipped out. It was “awesome” in their words. They couldn’t get over how we were riding scooters UNDER the road. Oh AND while cars were passing overhead. I loved seeing the wonder on their faces. THAT was awesome.

Now when I run by this bridge that’s what I think of. Two astonished kids trying to grasp the concept of traveling under a road. Two sets of eyes with a fresh perspective.

A little part of me wants to refresh my view on the world. Looking at everything new. I suppose that’s what God meant when he said we must approach the Kingdom of Heaven like children. With fresh eyes.

Yep, all of that from a boring bridge. Are you ready to read more of this stuff? If so, see us soon. For now, #RunAlong

Program: R4FL on Runkeeper
This run is meant to be slow and steady 30 minute run with a 5 minute warm up.


Run This | Day 1

IMG_1554.JPG Running is a passion of mine. (Can’t believe I just typed that) running takes me to some beautiful and strange places. I find time and space to pray, think, and be free.

Thought I’d try a string of posts sharing some of these places and thoughts with you. Maybe you even get inspired to run. Maybe not. Maybe you just live vicariously through my time in the wild.

Either way, may aim is to share the joy I find in this somewhat strange hobby of pavement pounding and trail stomping with you.

Pic Above
I’ve always loved this little spot near my neighborhood. White picket fences and Charleston style row houses (complete with uneven/hazardous sidewalks I might add). The spot is quaint but it seems rarely visited. Ashamed really.

Can’t explain it. Just feels good running through here. I make it by about once a week.

See you in a day or so.


Running Program: R4FL on Runkeeper
Designed to be a slow 30 minute run with a 5 minute warm up.