Run This | Day 1

IMG_1554.JPG Running is a passion of mine. (Can’t believe I just typed that) running takes me to some beautiful and strange places. I find time and space to pray, think, and be free.

Thought I’d try a string of posts sharing some of these places and thoughts with you. Maybe you even get inspired to run. Maybe not. Maybe you just live vicariously through my time in the wild.

Either way, may aim is to share the joy I find in this somewhat strange hobby of pavement pounding and trail stomping with you.

Pic Above
I’ve always loved this little spot near my neighborhood. White picket fences and Charleston style row houses (complete with uneven/hazardous sidewalks I might add). The spot is quaint but it seems rarely visited. Ashamed really.

Can’t explain it. Just feels good running through here. I make it by about once a week.

See you in a day or so.


Running Program: R4FL on Runkeeper
Designed to be a slow 30 minute run with a 5 minute warm up.


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