My First First Grader

20120521-220351.jpgMy First First Grader

The morning was rushed and everyone was a little on edge because we all wanted to have a great start to Gabby’s Kindergarten school year. Auntie, Kooper, Evan, Amber and me all walked her into her new classroom. Not knowing what to expect, Gabby was a little nervous to say the least.

Mrs. Bearden quickly showed Gabby to her seat marked with her name on the table in front of her. That was Gabby’s first day of Kindergarten. Then… before we knew it, the year had flown by. From the school programs and piano recitals to the zoo trips and field days the time just seemed to be a mist that drifted by so quickly.

Gabby, I see you growing up right before my eyes and I can’t even stand it. You’ve changed so much since this picture in pigtails with your brother running through the frame. You are getting so tall 20120521-221526.jpgand you handle yourself so well amongst your friends. You have learned how to count, play piano, read, play fair, sing, dance, laugh, and as you said in your graduation program you’ve learned to hold hands as you cross the street and count on each other.

I have learned so much from you in your Kindergarten year. You make my heart smile and my eyes water. You are beautiful and amazing. You are evidence that God is real and he loves me and your mommy. You made it through Kindergarten and as noted by your Superlative “Most Popular” you have made a ton of friends. You look so beautiful in this picture from your last day of Kindergarten. Congratulations, Gabbs. You made it. You are a First Grader.