They're Red Daddy
They're Red Daddy

Gabby discovered that the trees change clothes before winter today.  I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart to see the world in her eyes.  No recession.  No goals.  No reason to not have a popcycle.  You name it and child-like optimism wins.

She gets so excited about everything.  I want to help her discover everything and stay out of the way at the same time.  My best bet is to just observe and catch her before she falls.

Funny… That seems to be what God does with me.  He really does model the lives we live after the relationship he has with us.  I know he exists because I see him in her eyes.  This picture has the look of surprise, certainty, calamity, happiness, determination, the art of being silly, and wonder all in one look.  Oh yea.  Spite!  That is there too.

As the leaves change and the seasons wash over the times of our lives, I see myself changing too.  Although subtle, the changes are there.  One of the things I fear is walking through this world and trying to change it too much and not letting it change me enough.

Certainly she has changed me.  I can never lose sight of the fact that she sees in me all of the things I see in her and more.  The priviledge of being her father will never cease to amaze me.

Halloween in Atlanta

halloween-atlanta-20081What do an Elvis impersonator, a viking, Chad from Alltel, and a Pirate Wench have in common? A wild hallopween party in Atlanta.
A crazy cabbie dropped us off around 7:30p. For some reason sangria replaced captain morgan and Dr. Pepper and that’s precisely when things got fuzzy. I do remember J.Lo a USO girl, Brett Michaels, and Flav-o-flav getting into conversation about globalization. Kinda weird. Actually really weird.
The party was fun. I lost my wig but that was expected.
Amber and April out lived Kenn and I.
Today was rough until we piled into Atlantic Station and grabbed some lunch. One plate of chicken fried chicken later and iwas feeling much better.
Pictures to follow!