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Adventures are little snippets of things the McKinneys do, sometimes funny, sometimes not. Not a whole lot of deep thoughts here!

Evan Is 6 – Happy Birthday


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Evan, you are the most awesome God could stuff into one little boy.  I love you with all of my heart.  

I see you facing some of the same struggles I did at your age. Sports, fitting in with older kids, and vegetables.  

When I see those struggles through the lens of being your dad instead of through little boy eyes, I am honored by the way you handle them.  

You are a great teacher to me, son and I am grateful to God for you. 


Everything Changes


Fall is in full swing and God has painted the trees with all of the familiar colors of this time of year. Life in Charlotte moves faster than Augusta. The McKinneys have all had some “adjustments” to make and none of them are easy. New jobs, new schools, new daily agendas… new life, really. God promised us this adventure and I see it as such.

We have begun to adjust and it is time for us to make another step. Soon we move into our apartment while we await our home being built. The timeline could get challenging, but we are trusting God and His promise for us.
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Good-Bye Augusta… Hello Charlotte

20120823-041634.jpgGood-Bye Augusta… Hello Charlotte

10 Years ago I arrived in Augusta with no wife, no kids, and no home. 10 Years later it is with prayerful reflection and forward vision that I am leaving this great place. Augusta has given me a wife, additional family, two children, many friends, a ground work for my career, and has been a place for me to reconnect with God.

My family and I are relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina. I know in my heart that this is part of God’s adventure for us. I know there will be many challenges ahead and I know there will be times when I question my own sanity. I will not, however, face my God and tell Him that I was too afraid to step where He has told me to. The Lord has put the words in my mouth, the stride in my step, and the comfort in my heart to know, truly know, that this is the right move for me to make as the head of my family to do what God has asked me to. God has removed obstacle after obstacle (many of which I put in His way) for this journey to begin.

I cannot wait to see what He is going to do with this. Pray for our family as we begin this adventure and continue to pray for us as we stay the course. Thank you for your prayers.

We intend to keep the same cell phone numbers and email addresses. You can find us here at the blog for updates and certainly on Facebook.

Thank you Augusta for 10 great, tough, fruitful, and foundation building years!