Hope Uncorked – A Night To Remember

Hope Uncorked – A Night To Remember

My Grandfather and my Grandmother both suffered with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  So when my wife told me that her Grandfather was suffering from Alzheimer’s my heart broke.

Here in Augusta, the Alzheimer’s Association has a very strong presence and they have come together for several years now to give support to the community that has been affected by this disease.

When we heard about this years Wine and Food Tasting Event we were eager to attend.

It was a great time.  April, Kenn, Amber, and myself got all dressed up and had some wine and cheese for a good cause.  We didn’t win our silent auction choices but we did take home some great bottles of wine.  It was and enchanting evening.

If you have questions about your local Alzheimer’s Association, you can find information here.

Have you been affected by this disease or has someone in your family?  Tell us about it.  Leave a comment.

High Chair Time – Evan’s 5 Months Old

evan-5-months-old-in-high-chair-1Evan is 5 Months old now.
This picture was taken on the day he turned 5 months.  He’s eating in his high chair for the first time here.  Here’s an update on the little man.  He’s rolling over now, eating rice, green beans, and peas, and sitting up… for a second or two.  He recognizes faces and he’s still apprehensive with new faces.  He loves to give kisses (thanks to mommy and auntie) and his sister makes him laugh… uncontrollably.


Kids in the Park

Kids in the Park

We took the kids to the park the other weekend.  The weather was awesome.  That cool crispness of spring.  The flowers everywhere and the smell of cut grass.  They had a blast. (and so did we).  We got to show off our parenting teamwork (or the lack thereof) when Evan realized our “park time” had cut into “meal time”.  Peas and Rice…. Everywhere.