TES 6 | How to Use Cheap Cameras and Twitter to Generate Leads


In this episode…

  1. PR for the Modern Entrepreneur – What is Twitter and How to Use it in Your PR Plan
  2. Show Your Stuff – Exclusive Interview with the Mastermind Behind the GO GIVER TOUR 2009. We’ll talk with Bradley Will of BradleyWill.com and answer the Top 3 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Doing Online Now to Succeed in Business.
  3. What Not To Do – Gaining Sticky Followers on Twitter and How to Use Twitter Well to Grow Your Network

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Circus is in Town

13Circus is in Town

The Circus is always cool.  Bring your Visa Card though.  Chances are, you don’t have enough cash ANYWHERE to suffice this trip.  Here’s a tip my friend Steve Johnson told me.  Coach the kids before you get there (for days if necessary) that they can only buy one thing.  A light up magic wand that probably came from the dollar store costs $25.

Gabby got a wand and an elephant.  Thanks anyway, Steve.

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Daylight-Savings Blues?


Can we just keep daylight-savings time?

* Think about it… An extra hour of daylight without losing an hour of sleep each year? What a concept.

* Sleep is important and we’re throwing an hour away each year. Why not save the hour by not coverting back in the fall.

* How to cope with your sleep loss and how to acclimate yourself in just one day. Melatonin. Studies show one dose of this hormone + 15 minutes of direct sunlight will allow you to reset your circadium rythm (sleep pattern cycle) in just one day.

* What’s actually so good about regular time anyway? Nothing. You get up… It’s dark. You get off work…it’s dark. What good comes out of an extremely short winter day?

* When the clocks turn back in the fall can we just not participate? Jim Jones got mass people to kill themselves with poison Kool-Aid for no good reason at all. Can’t we just band together and keep daylight-savings time. When you show up an hour early for work next year don’t just accept your attaboy for being a go-getter. Let your boss know that you will be leaving an hour early too because you are saving daylight savings time. Along with thousands of other people of course. When enough crusaders for the cause get on board, your boss will be forced to comply.

* just think what it’ll do for millions of out-of-shape and over-weight Americans who will benefit from the extra hour of daylight of which they can burn calories by procrastinating away!

* GO OUTSIDE! That hour of daylight you received today cost you an hour of sleep. Don’t waste it!