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F3 Ghost Flag #itbegins

F3 Ghost Flag #itbegins

I finished up some work late last night. I do my best not to do any at home, but I had to this time.  I checked the little red dot on the Twitter icon on my phone to see what the deal was. 

Hmmf. A Ghost Flag run in MECA? The last time I went on a Ghost Flag run it was to the GasHouse and Dolf was the Q. 

The Q is the leader of an F3 workout.  The Ghost Flag was started elsewhere originally, but my friend Silver Bullet started one in our region, F3 Isotope.  The flag travels from AO to AO (workout to workout) and region to region.  The only thing needed to take it from another region is you and four of your region’s F3 brothers to post at a workout and complete it. 

Back to the GasHouse and Dolf.  Both are specimens to be honest.  The GasHouse AO is a well equipped high school over in Gastonia. Dolf is nicknamed “Dolf” because he looks like and sounds like Dolf Lundren from Rocky IV. 

I remember having a blast that morning, but I also remember thinking they nicknamed the AO “GasHouse” because I felt like I had been hit with mustard gas about 10 minutes in. 

So why am I looking at this alarm clock with 0420 on it and thinking this will be fun even thought it is completely stupid and utterly pointless? Because…


NY Bagel was quiet when I pulled in.  I was first, then Davy Crockett. Then a clown car with Big Perm, Ramrod, and Mr. Burns rolled up.  We hit the trail and arrived ahead of schedule.  

Anxious because I didn’t know what to expect, I hopped out and began stretching.  I’m coming back to the gloom as of today from a hamstring injury and I was a little nervous about that too. 

That’s when the mumblechatter began and my comfort level began to have less to do with my physical circumstance and more to do with familiarity.  This is it. Being part of the PAX.  

The PAX is the group of guys that assemble for these workouts.  It’s where the comradery is.  It’s amazing to see guys that hardly know each other treating each other with respect. Suffering together. Triumphing together. Pulling each other up. All in all, living out what Jesus would do for any of us. 

The leg held up, no issues.  It felt good actually.  I did have to take it easy on the sprints, but that’s expected.  I met some new friends, strengthened the bond wiling some old ones, and we got that damn flag.