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Peas in a Pod

kai-lan-ho-hoGabby is a great big sister. She can put a pacifier back in Evans mouth faster than us.  She knows when Evan is wet, when he’s hungry, or when he’s going to spit up.  She loves on him and kisses him.
She is human.  She’s noticed that Evan the baby gets immediate attention and it just doesn’t make sense to her.  We’re concious of this and we do our best to keep her from feeling neglected.
She is NOT neglected, but it’s hard to explain those kinds of things.  You’ve got to SHOW them.  Not with “over-the-top” gifts or “out-of-the-ordinary” things like the zoo this weekend.  I have to show her with the little things.  In everything I’ve learned, it’s what you do, not what you say that gets remembered.
She doesn’t understand that she’s my heartbeat.  That she is the apple of my eye.  She understands simple time spent with her doing the normal, simple stuff.
What do you think?  Leave a comment if you’ve had a similar experience.


LIBRARY CARD – What Does Sliced Bread Have on This?

My First Library Book and Card!What does Sliced  Bread have on going to the Library and getting your own library card when you’re 3? NOT ONE THING.

Gabby absolutley had a blast.  The look on her face when the Librarian asked her if she wanted to take some books home was priceless.  She still cannot believe that they let us take them out.  And when the Librarian asked her if she wanted her very own library card, oh my…

It was as close as you can get to Christmas to her.  Her disbelief about the “taking books” is still just amazing to me.  Come to think of it, it was pretty amazing the things you can check out at the library now.

  • Audio Books
  • Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Electronic Media
  • Films
  • Ok I have nothing for “G”

You get the picture.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that our little bookworm sees the library as necessary as the grocery store now.

Thanks for all of your encouragement.

We Want To Know What YOU Think…
Scroll to the bottom of this post and “leave a reply” of your favorite childhood book.  Gabby will check it out the next time we go to the library.

And yes…

It is ok to judge a book by it’s cover.  Especially when you are 3!

Gabby’s First Books She Checked Out

  1. The Hannuka Moon
  2. Hooray For Today
  3. A Butterflies Life
  4. The Blizzard
  5. Optomothimus

Until then…

Ryan McKinney

P.S.  Don’t LOSE your library card or you’ll have to teach your kids what Gabby learned the other day.  Daddies that lose library cards have to pay $2 to get a replacement. I’ll never forget her shaking her finger at me 😉

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