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Sunday Walk

Sunday Walk

Gabby is learning to make home movies to preserve and document the fun things we do as a family. Frankly because I need help keeping up with our crazy family and she likes to help with the cameras.

I let her use my camera and she wants to play with it but she doesn’t know what to film. We made this little film of a Sunday Walk near her school, Cedar Ridge, to show her that anything we want to remember is worth taping. I think it is cute because she is so outgoing… until the camera gets to rolling! She will get over her “Camera Shyness”. I did. Come to think of it, the way I overcame my “Camera Shyness” was by taking hold of the camera. Hmmm, how about that?

How about you? Are you camera shy? Have you ever overcome it? How?
Leave a comment tell me how.


Peas in a Pod

kai-lan-ho-hoGabby is a great big sister. She can put a pacifier back in Evans mouth faster than us.  She knows when Evan is wet, when he’s hungry, or when he’s going to spit up.  She loves on him and kisses him.
She is human.  She’s noticed that Evan the baby gets immediate attention and it just doesn’t make sense to her.  We’re concious of this and we do our best to keep her from feeling neglected.
She is NOT neglected, but it’s hard to explain those kinds of things.  You’ve got to SHOW them.  Not with “over-the-top” gifts or “out-of-the-ordinary” things like the zoo this weekend.  I have to show her with the little things.  In everything I’ve learned, it’s what you do, not what you say that gets remembered.
She doesn’t understand that she’s my heartbeat.  That she is the apple of my eye.  She understands simple time spent with her doing the normal, simple stuff.
What do you think?  Leave a comment if you’ve had a similar experience.