Let it Rest

20110830-062837.jpgLet it Rest
You’ve heard me say it before… “Let it rest”. When you grill a piece of meat (if you are from the west coast… barbecue a piece of meat) you HAVE to let it rest to get the best flavor and texture of the meat.

Remember the last time you burned your hand and got a blister? What actually happened? I’ll tell you. You seared your flesh and your body’s response was to send it’s best cooling agent to the surface of your skin – H2O. That’s right. Your body is made up of 75% water and it can control most of that! Since your body doesn’t have and ice maker, it sends water to the most needed places. In this case, that means your seared flesh.

Well, when you cook meat you are doing the same thing. Hopefully, you haven’t been eating your own flesh. What I mean is you want to sear the outside and “seal” in those juices. Imagine the piece of meat, through osmosis, sending the water at the center of the meat to the outer surfaces to cool it down. Not too hard to imagine, right?

Now imagine cutting into the meat while the meat has all that water at the surface. Kinda like popping a blister, yeah? The water all runs out and so does the flavor leaving a dried out piece of meat behind for you and some very sad guests.

What if you let the meat rest… Let it sit and cool for a moment. As the temperature decreases or becomes more even from outer surface to inner core, the juices (a.k.a. the water) returns back to the center of the meat. That does 2 things. It helps to finish cooking the inside and keeps it moist and tender.

How long do I let it rest?
Great questions. 5 minutes is usually good. Try it and come back and comment to let me know if your grilled, hehem, barbecued meat comes out.

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