You’ll Never Guess What Gabby Wants to Name Her Little Brother

hoho_kai-lan_smYou’ll never guess what Gabby wants to name her little brother.

The other night, we were having dinner. April was over because Kenn was out of town on business. Amber and I had just returned home from our doctors visit where we found out the sex of the baby.

We all gathered around the table, eating and catching up on each others day. Mostly talking about the experience of finding out we are having a little baby boy soon… very soon.

The conversation bounced around from topic to topic. Trucks and footballs instead of teddy bears and Barbies. That kinda thing.
Then we got on the topic of names. And before you come up with your own name, you have to hear what Gabrielle wants to name her little brother.

We asked her, “Gabby, what would you like to name your little brother when he gets here?”

Very quickly she spat out, “Patrick”.

We all looked at each other in what can only be described as amazement. This child is truly brilliant.

I mean, not only did she choose an Irish name to complement the last name McKinney, but she also pulled a name from out of her…well…hat.  It’s not a name that’s been in our family or anything and barring St. Patrick’s Day I’m not so sure she’s ever heard it before.

Then I asked her, “That’s a good name. Are there any other names you like?” Thinking I didn’t want to be glued to Patrick without an alternative or two.

“Sure. Sponge Bob.” She said.
That’s when it hit me. For those of you that have had to bare an episode or two of Sponge Bob Square Pants, you know that Sponge Bob’s best friend is Patrick.

Too Funny. She didn’t stop there either. She ended up with Kai Lan’s sidekick HO-HO. Kai Lan’s a cartoon teaching Chinese on the same premise as Dora The Explorer does for Spanish. Ho-Ho is a little white-faced monkey.

It has already begun to stick. There are little monkeys showing up everywhere. The proposed décor, little outfits, and now in the name… well nickname anyway.

Before any of you get your feathers ruffled, we are NOT naming the boy Ho-Ho. We have narrowed it down to a couple.

We’ll publish that in a week or so after everyone has had time to make a suggestion or two.  AND NO, it will NOT be Ho-Ho (although it is catchy).

We figured we better name this baby soon before Gabby sees an episode of Ren & Stimpy.


We want to know what you think.  Leave a Comment with YOUR suggested BABY NAMES on this post.
Also, do you have a funny story of how you told your first child they were going to have a brother or sister?
Share it with us here.

5 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess What Gabby Wants to Name Her Little Brother”

  1. What a cute story. Gabby might like to know that she has a cousin with the middle name of Patrick. The full name of my oldest son is Toby Patrick Teets. He got the name from a priest who was a good friend of ours.


  2. My niece is the cutest! The funniest thing was that she was so serious that night when she was giving her suggestions for names for her soon to be born little brother. I can’t wait for him to get here. Having a little boy around is going to be so different and fun. We have not had a little boy around since my little brother Gabriel was born and he is 19! My vote for names is Evan Luke McKinney! Your Auntie can’t wait to meet you, kiss, love you! Hurry up and get here! Xoxo


  3. Grandma Vic thinks that Patrick is a great name:) Way to go Gabby; you are going to be a GREAT BIG SISTER!!

    Love U


  4. Grandpa Mike likes the name Patrick and he thinks it’s pretty smart of Gabby to come up with the name; I agree she is a smart little girl; my cheese monkey!!!

    Perhaps: Patrick Michael McKinney???


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