LIBRARY CARD – What Does Sliced Bread Have on This?

My First Library Book and Card!What does Sliced  Bread have on going to the Library and getting your own library card when you’re 3? NOT ONE THING.

Gabby absolutley had a blast.  The look on her face when the Librarian asked her if she wanted to take some books home was priceless.  She still cannot believe that they let us take them out.  And when the Librarian asked her if she wanted her very own library card, oh my…

It was as close as you can get to Christmas to her.  Her disbelief about the “taking books” is still just amazing to me.  Come to think of it, it was pretty amazing the things you can check out at the library now.

  • Audio Books
  • Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Electronic Media
  • Films
  • Ok I have nothing for “G”

You get the picture.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that our little bookworm sees the library as necessary as the grocery store now.

Thanks for all of your encouragement.

We Want To Know What YOU Think…
Scroll to the bottom of this post and “leave a reply” of your favorite childhood book.  Gabby will check it out the next time we go to the library.

And yes…

It is ok to judge a book by it’s cover.  Especially when you are 3!

Gabby’s First Books She Checked Out

  1. The Hannuka Moon
  2. Hooray For Today
  3. A Butterflies Life
  4. The Blizzard
  5. Optomothimus

Until then…

Ryan McKinney

P.S.  Don’t LOSE your library card or you’ll have to teach your kids what Gabby learned the other day.  Daddies that lose library cards have to pay $2 to get a replacement. I’ll never forget her shaking her finger at me 😉

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5 thoughts on “LIBRARY CARD – What Does Sliced Bread Have on This?”

  1. Hi Gabby,Amber, and Ryan, Loved the story, and I too love going to the library. Can’t think of any special book at this time, but I always love Bible stories.. Have fun with your new found world. There is no end to it. Love you all, Aunt Barbara


  2. Hey ya’ll, really love to hear the great news. Getting a book, sitting down in a nice quite place is a great way to go on an adventure without leaving home. Going to the library itself is have the fun, thats where it all starts. Ummm, as for my favorite childbook…jeeze that was a long time ago….aah! The Velvatine Rabbit. I hope that you like that one, let me know.


  3. Well I enjoy taking Gabby to the library. She is so cute because she gets so excited when we walk in. You can tell she really wants to check out all of them. We went the other day and she loves to look at the covers and that is how she decides. One of my favorite books was and probably still is The Giving Tree! I hope she reads it and loves it as much as I do and still do! Xoxo


  4. Where the Wild Things Are. That still may be the only book I have read front to back and actually remember anything about from when I was a kid!


  5. Sorry, I heard about this in person before I read this. When Gabby spent the night with me a couple of weeks ago, we watched a cartoon about a kid getting his library card! I think it’s great that she understands how it works. Hopefully, she does understand that she has to take some back and get more. I enjoyed “Charlotte’s Web” (she already owns that, right?) and my favorite was probably “Black Beauty” (she may be to young for that?). I would like to go with them sometime when I can.
    Maybe I can actually decide when I get there!


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