The Elves Did It

Christmas Morning has always been a special time.  Take a look at just how special Christmas really is through a 3 year old’s eyes.  I’m sure it brings you back to your own childhood memories as a kid, right? Completely beside yourself yet?  Good.  Now remember when that toy didn’t actually make you look like Bo or Luke Duke?  Or maybe your dolly didn’t actually drive that corvette.  Don’t feel bad.  I’m still waiting for Mrs. Butterworth to talk to me about my pancakes.

The disappointment that comes with impossible expectations is just part of Christmas, right?
One of our friends found a way to get your kids involved in the magic of Christmas, get rid of disappointment, and make the magic of Christmas last a little longer.
The elves did it.

If your kids can read make them stop here.  I’m going to divulge the elves’ secrets and I don’t want to end up on the naughty list for it.

From what I understand, you buy the elf from your local retailer (without the kids knowing of course). You read the story of Christmas (Jesus and Santa) before they go to sleep.  The story reinforces the fact that the elves are watching and reporting back to Santa.  You put the elf in a different place each night after your little one goes to bed. When they wake up, the elf is in a new place and has been frozen because they are awake.  You do this starting sometime after Thanksgiving all the way up to Christmas Morning.  Expect good behavior and lots of “buy-in” from the kids.

Brett, thanks for the idea. Steve, thanks for telling me about it.  If I got anything wrong, feel free to correct me with a comment.

-Ryan McKinney


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