Are You Serious, Clark?


Just a few more pieces and Pop’s house will finally look a little like Christmas.  We actually had to be careful of landing aircraft nearby.

My dad is a uniquely thoughtful man.  Each year, he decorates his house for the Christmas season.  He says it is for Gabby.  That may be true, but I think it is for him too.

Gabby’s chin nearly got bruised from hitting the floor when she saw the lights at Pop’s house.  She loves it.  Christmas only comes once a year.  If it came more often, the Jacksonville Electrical Authority may lose power to the grid.

Seriously, we had a great time visiting my dad this past weekend.  We weren’t able to shop as much as we’d like.  Dad wasn’t really feeling well and we didn’t really have a lot of time either.  We had a great dinner and wandered around the St. John’s Towne Center outdoor mall for an hour or so and then got some grub at the Maggiano’s there.

We shared a chocolate cake wedge the that was so big I thought a lady was going to jump out of it at any moment.  Pop will be up for Christmas in our neck of the woods soon.  And if he’s nice, Santa may even leave him a little something in his stocking too!


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