Kids Will Be Kids

Spending Christmas Eve waiting on Cornish Hens to be done and for Communion at West Acres to take place is a relatively new tradition for me. I say that, but as I turn the big 33 in a couple of days the math to divide my life into equal parts gets really easy. And for a third of my life I have been doing just that. It sounds like such a long time when I say it that way.

Regardless, this year was different. After the service at church we said good by to Suegro, A.K.A “Papa”. My mom was here to join in the festivities and the evening had a grim outlook when we had to tell Suegro good night. All in all, the spirit of Christmas is a tough one to snuff out. The waiting for food and laughing with family was the same. And yes. I shed a tear or two at the church service.

The thing is, no matter how old you are, no matter how new something may seem, no matter what life throws at you, Christmas will bless you just by being in the midst of it’s spirit. Imagine what it will do when you embrace it.


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