Copy Cat

flat-dora-gabbyAs Gabby begins to talk more and more, she also copies EVERYTHING!
We really have to be careful. The other day, I got mad at one of the dogs and yes, she got mad too. Good thing I didn’t spew curse words like I would normally do. Call it divine intervention if you want. I just asked Chase what he was doing. When he didn’t answer me, Gabby decided to give it a try. He didn’t listen to either of us, but that didn’t stop the Gabster from telling him to stop anyway.
She copies me, Amber, April…literally anyone that can be copied. Her dolls don’t even go uncopied either. As you can see, Gabby copied “Flat Dora” and “Princess Dora” as they lay lifeless on the kitchen floor.
I just hope she doesn’t try to copy the dogs when the go to the bathroom.
That would give a new meaning to potty training.


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